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“Life doesn’t give you what you want. Life gives you who you are.”

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life!

Let me help you triple your current income.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you are struggling in building your business in these challenging times I can help you triple your income or your business profits.

How can I do that? I am glad you asked. 

By developing a resilient empowered mindset. In these challenging times, it is important that you develop a resilient empowered mindset that will allow you not only to have a sustainable five, six or even seven-figure income profit business but also to have a satisfying business built on strong professional and lasting relationships with all your past, present and future clients. These are the people who did business with you in the past, the ones who are currently doing business with you and the ones who will trust you enough to open their wallets to you in the future.

Among the great benefits that developing a resilient mindset offers is not only the courage to take the perceived business and leadership training required to have a sustainable business, it also allows you to put in place the robust marketing strategies critical for you as a leader, entrepreneur, or business owner to:

  • Deliver even better service to your clients
  • Have the kind of mental fortitude to face the inevitable challenges, changes and transitions in your business and your life
  • Feel less stressed on the job and after hours
  • Rebound from setbacks which are bound to happen especially in these challenging times.
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable profitable six and even seven-figure income business

Here are a few reasons why NOW is the time for YOU to focus on developing this resilient mindset:

1. Automation and changing roles in the business world and in your specific industry demands a resilient mindset.

2. The pace of change in our world demands a resilient mindset

3.The increased competitive nature of business and in all kind of industries demands a resilient mindset.

Hi, my name is Dr. Maureen McIntosh-Alberts, Behavioral Scientist, Human and Organizational Development Specialist, I am the most sought after Organizational Leadership Change Strategist and Transformational Mindset Leadership and Business Coach.

My focus on resilient mindset coaching and mentoring has its roots in my over 25 years of corporate experience as a human and organizational development consultant, specializing in organizational training, leadership coaching and spiritual mentoring. During those years, I have found that busy executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs and leadership coaches particularly those new to their industry, are faced with the challenge of learning the complexities and intricacies of the work and discipline involved in developing a robust and healthy six-figure even seven-figure income business. Developing this resilient mindset would also benefit those who are NOT new to their specific industry.

If you are like most business owners you are so preoccupied developing your business that you leave no time to invest in yourself. Remember that your business will never grow beyond the level of thinking you bring to it. You must have heard the saying “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” I would like to remind you of one truth: Life doesn’t give you what you want, life gives you who you are. The greatest investment you can make in your business is the investment you make in yourself. The next best investment you can make in yourself is not the investment you make in shiny objects or in social media but in that which you make in your clients and customers.

Let’s face it, though your work may be automated and you are more than likely working virtually, customers and clients will know when you are stressed. And, no matter what your business is, no one really wants to work with a stressed-out business owner.

Word travels fast. Your business and your reparation is on the line.

In these challenging times, the added stresses you MUST face to maintain a healthy business and meet the growing demands of your customer calls for a business owner with the mindset not only to cope but to thrive.

Make no mistake, a business owner with a resilient mindset will not escape the day-to-day challenges which can at times be overwhelming but that resilient business owner will bring to his or her business a healthy stress-free perspective that can translate into thousands of dollars of profit for the business.

When you attend one of my virtual webinars, and masterclasses you will receive highly customized and specialized training, coaching and mentoring, designed to help you develop the resilient mindset to prevent burnout and lead you to more fully engage with your clients, do even better work and have even more fulfilling careers and personal lives.

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Dr. Maureen McIntosh Alberts

The Most Sought After Transformational Mindset Leadership Coach

Faith Based Female Leaders of Color.

Do any of these RESONATE WITH YOU?

Are you a woman of color called to lead your own Ministry?

Are you a Kingdom solo-entrepreneur or a small business leader called to add value to OTHERS for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God?

Do you find it difficult to identify networks with other Kingdom-minded professionals of color with shared values whose only desire is to support our and hold you accontanle for the goals you set for yourself, your business, your ministry and the Kindom?

If so, you are not alone. I was right where you are years ago.

 I spent over thirty years in the corporate world as a Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Trainer.  For the past twenty years, I have been leading my own coaching, mentoring, and organizational consulting business, where I develop Pastors and kingdom-minded leaders, particularly, Kingdom women of color in leadership.  I help them to maximize their personal potential and expand their leadership capacity. During those years, I discovered that most of these leaders spend years confused about their life calling, vision, values, and purpose, neither do they have the clarity around the unlimited God-given potential they possess to fulfill that calling. However, when I had the privilege to work with these women, I observed that once they gained clarity around their calling and they were intentional about aligning that calling with their unique life purpose, vision, and values, not only were they able to transform the lives of others, they went on to live empowered, transformed and fulfilled lives themselves.

Does that resonate with you?

If so, I am inviting you to join my Resilient Kingdom Leaders of Color: Elite Mastermind Inner Circle. 

You will be joining a powerful network of resilient Kingdom-minded women leaders of color who lead ministries, non-profit organizations and businesses with shared values. Their only desire is to support you, challenge you, hold the mirror up to you and hold you accountable to accomplish the business and personal goals you expressed a desire to be held accountable for.

By being a part of this group of powerful and resilient women thought leaders of color, your mindset will be transformed as you partner together to transform lives in the Kingdom of God while you yourself gain the freedom you always wanted to live the life of your dreams.

Listen to what some of our group members are saying about their experience in this group:

Listen to what some of our group members are saying about their experience in this group:

This group is not for everyone. To discover whether you are a good fit for this dynamic group of Kingdom female thought leaders of color, kindly click on the button below, leave us your details and we will take care of the rest:

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